The perfect Lupus video for kids

It can be difficult to explain to young children what Lupus is all about.  Too much information and they’ll panic; too little and they’ll struggle to understand why you’re fast asleep and their dinner hasn’t even left the fridge.

I thought this short clip below provided the perfect balance.  Thank you Lupus UK for yet another brilliant production!

Youtube video 2

A video that sums it all up

Now here’s a brilliant video that every spouse, family member, friend, colleague and boss should be asked to watch. Under duress if necessary!

Well done and thank you to Lupus UK for summing it all up so brilliantly.

Youtube video

‘It’s not lupus – it’s never lupus’

On the US TV show House M.D, trying to diagnose lupus became something of a long-running joke.  ‘It’s not lupus – it’s never lupus‘ became something of a catchphrase for Dr House.

It took until episode 408 before a case Lupus was finally diagnosed.  That just about sums up how long it takes in real life!

Youtube video 3